Monday, 15 January 2018

book reflection

One thousand hills is like a roller coaster it brings you up and down.

One thousand hills is a good book from the very start I liked it. From when they were talking about how simple their town and life was. To how dark and gruesome it can be on the later pages.

This book is definitely a good read if you want to read about real-world issues. This contains a lot of them like racism and discrimination to one race. It also talks about genocide a real-world topic that has happened in the past and that can happen in the future. Something like this that has happened before is the genocide of Jewish people from 1933 to 1945 and this was probably the biggest genocide in the world.

But is this book exciting to read or does it just bore you the entire time? Now one thousand hills is definitely for different readers. If you think that this book will be filled with action and things like that you would be wrong. It is basically introducing all the characters and bringing up the topic of the book in the first 160 pages. That does not mean it is boring for the first 160 pages I find some scenes funny. It also shows a lot about his religion and how it changes his actions. So I enjoyed the book but it can be a little slow at the start which can turn people away from the book.

So overall I thought this was a very good book. It was well written got my attention the entire team. So I recommend if you want a good book to read in your free time I think you should give this book a chance. As you will probably enjoy yourself and enjoy the book.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Blog post #5 100%

I am going to be a wood bed that looks hand made because his dad carves wood all the time with pascal and sells it to tourists on page 20 to 23 and he also carves in the genocide to make him forget about what is going on and bring stress down and i am going to be putting the bed on the side of the room. 

This family portrait will be on the wall at the back of the room because this picture will remind him of his family but their faces will be faded since they died during the genocide showing that they are gone. 

The water will be slightly dirty because they don’t come from the richest place and there water comes from the ground so i am going to make the water a little dirty inside the glass.

I am doing this so he will see his cross everyday and remind him of his religion and to be a good person so that's why i am putting it their and it says on the back of the book on info they go to church every sunday.

 I am putting the radio across from the room so he can’t hear the radio because constantly his parents are telling him to not listen to the radio and every time he hears the radio it says bad stuff.

This is because he doesn’t want his parents to see the bottle because he stole it showing the on part in the book where he stole from the store and that's why it will be their.

I will be putting the cockroaches crawling around the radio because the radio always calls the tutsi people cockroaches. so there will be cockroaches crawling around the radio. 

This will be beside the family portrait to show how they died and and that it connects to the genocide were he lost his family.
Were it was a downward spiral and their will be red on the machete. 

Blog post #3 60%

Are peoples rights getting violated and who's rights are getting violated?

In Canada their is something called the charters rights and freedoms. This basically means that all Canadians get equal rights no matter who you are. Some of these are getting violated like these two Equality rights and Ethnic rights 

In this book their are two races in conflict we can clearly see the Hutu and the Tutsi. This comes in to ethnic rights because of their races they are seem as worst then the other race. For example on the radio they said that the tutsi are less then the Hutu and that the tutsi are like cockroaches in page 113 you can see this. so you can see that their ethnic rights are being violated because they are getting made fun of cause of their race. In the book the tutsi are also getting killed in the genocide just because of their race so their ethnic rights are definitely getting violated. This is very different from the Canadian charters of rights and freedoms because you can be any race and every one will welcome you un like were they are were you are one race you aren’t even welcomed in the town and country.

Another right I think that is definitely getting violated is the equality rights. I think this is getting affected for both races because they were both treated bad. The Hutu used to be lower then the tutsi but we now know this is the other way. Before this happened and in the old days the Hutu were actually the tutsis slaves for a while so both races were equal back then. Now a days the Tutsi are on the lower side of the spectrum because the Hutu are mad that they were put lower then them before. So this is another giant difference from Canadas charter of rights. In Canadas everyone is equal and has equal rights as every one else

so who's rights are more violated Hutu or Tutsi

Blog post #4 80%

Boom boom gunshots go off fire goes every were. I wake up it's all just a dream but it’s still dark outside and I can see the lights from the whole town of Rwanda. It was very early in the morning about 5:15 the sun should be coming up soon. I saw my husband still sleeping on the bed tension has been getting high between us. Anyways I am a teacher for the school of Agabande I loved teaching. I notice the time and I need to get ready for work. I set out on my walk to the school it was a lovely morning the sun started to come up and light up the town like a candle in a dark room. I finally got to the school after about a thirty-minute walk. I walked into my class it had lots of desks and chairs. Finally, it became 8:30 my class got flooded with kids. As usual, I went over with them how to read do math and learn how to write. One of my favorite kids was named pascal he would always hand in the best work and was a very good learner.

There is one day gone I'm done teaching for the day. I start walking back to my house and I see lots of people with machetes riding in trucks I don’t know whats going on. I walk back to my house and I walk in and see my husband he is listening to the radio station. It is talking about something about a day and a cleansing I get sick to my stomach. I turn off the radio and said don’t listen to that and he gets mad at me very mad.

After this argument, it gets worst and worst every day see I was a Tutsi and he was Hutu. So this started a conflict in our relationship until one day he started separating from me until eventually, he left me. I got sad very sad it felt like my heart broke.
I still went to work that day not in a good mood like I usually was when I walked into the class the kids could definitely notice something was wrong. But like usual I kept teaching that day but I defiantly wasn’t as in enthusiastic.

One of my students came up to me it was Pascal. He asked if I was ok and I really wasn’t but then I got mad. I said Pascal this is none of your business and that I'm completely fine and I told him to meet me at lunchtime. I shouldn’t  have got so mad at him he looked sad and walked back to his desk his head hanging like it was weighed down. Lunch came around and I lectured him about why it wasn’t appropriate to be asking the teacher about their personal business and then he still looked concerned about me. After this I said I am completely fine pascal and I dismissed him to lunch.

Two days have passed I have bin very sad about my husband leaving me. Just because he was Hutu and I was Tutsi didn’t mean he had to leave me. Anyways I had to go to the store today to pick up some groceries. I bought lots of groceries and I had to carry it all back and it was really hurting my hands it was like carrying to giants brick. I suddenly hear something in the bushes it startles me and then all of sudden a kid comes out its pascal. We both say hi to each other I think he notices that I need help with my groceries. So then he asks me if I need help we start walking back to my house and its up a hill I can see that Pascal is struggling with my groceries. Then I hear a loud truck filled with men yelling They all had machetes and weapons. After we get to my house I ask Pascal to come inside. Once were inside I repay him by giving him an orange pop called Fanta. He got very excited and he takes it with a smiling face. After this walk home I get very tired and go to sleep.

BANG BANG I hear loud sounds from outside and hear screaming I get up startled and I see people running and other people with machetes I had no idea what was going on. I was so scared I lock all my doors and hide under my bed. A few hours pass and I start to hear men talking it's getting closer and closer and then suddenly it sounds right outside my house. I start to hear knocking and someone asks can I come in. I am stunned I don’t know how to react the knocking starts getting louder and the man starts yelling much louder until finally, someone breaks down the door.

I start crying quietly I can see feet on the floor they start checking around my house until a man says its all clear and then they start to walk away. I was so relieved that I am safe now I needed a way to get out of the town I suddenly get up from under the bed. I get a bag and pack some food and get some clothes. I run out of my house and down a road I then run into the jungle. I can’t see much because it is night time
I hear people coming and stop moving they definitely heard me I hide under bushes. The footsteps come closer and then suddenly stop I can see feet right beside my head and grab me. I am so scared they all have weapons and then I realize this is the end of the road.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Blog post #2 40%

What angers you racism or equality rights then this book might make you mad.

But what angers me from the book.
Something that angered me is that the Tutsi people are getting put under for no reason. That's what angers me because the Tutsi people don’t disagree with anything about the Hutu. Their religions aren’t much different so the Hutu just want to be the main people I guess. Really nothing has happened so far so I don’t know what to think about so far all I know is that the Hutu do not like the Tutsi and want to get rid of them somehow and are talking down to them. for example on page 22 on the page it says Tutsi people are not as good as other people

So that really angers me is that they are basically mad at them for no reason. So that makes me mad so hopefully, I find out the reason why they hate them so I can get that off my chest. Because I really wanna know why so that I'm not so mad at the Hutu.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Blog post #1 first 20%

800 thousand  people were killed during a genocide how did it happen?

In One Thousand Hills Pascal live in a place called Rwanda in a town called Agabande. In this story, it’s his family and this is a very poor town. You can tell this because Pascal is one of the only people who actually has a water filter and a water tank most of the town has to collect their water You can see this on page 5 . The story about this book so far or at least what I heard is  people called Tutsi are the people of this town. People think that Tutsi aren’t real people so pascals dad is very made about this.

So it looks like the problem with this book or the story about this book is that people don’t like the Tutsi. Which seems like a problem because their family is Tutsie so it doesn’t look like their in a good place right now. So what I'm predicting is that they are gonna try and kill off the Tutsi in their town because they don’t think that they are good enough to live in their town because what a man said on the radio in the book is Tutsi are considered less than people. Also supporting this they say this when pascal and his dad are talking about tutsi then when were tutsi made because on the radio it said "tutsi aren't people"

So I think that they and their family is in danger because lots of people think this. So I think lots of people from their town will be captured or killed or something bad is going to happen to them. One question I have for the book that I don’t know yet is why are they mad at the Tutsi people. Or why do they think that they are less than anyone so I'm looking forward to finding out about that

So I still have lots of questions about this book so far so hopefully, I can found out the truth about the plot of this story soon. And who will die or get hurt in the next pages?!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

One Thousand Hills Novel Study

One Thousand Hills
I picked this book because it sounds very interesting in lots of ways. Some ways this looks interesting is it was a real thing that happened and it was that long ago. Another way this really interests me is my mom works with somebody that lived their when this happened. So I think this will be a very good book for me and I think it will be very interesting and should be a good read. It also sounds very exciting and should leave you on the edge of your seat for most of it so I really like books like this.

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